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Biden admin to pay $65K for illegally limiting family planning coverage to abortion, contraception

Thursday, Jul 27, 2023

The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Julie Marie Blake regarding a federal court’s order issued Wednesday in Tice-Harouff v. Johnson that requires the Biden administration to pay $65,000 in attorneys’ fees for violating regulatory laws when it illegally deprived women of the option of fertility awareness-based methods of family planning as part of health insurance coverage required under the Affordable Care Act, leaving women only with coverage for contraceptive and abortifacient drugs and devices:

“The Biden administration can’t impose its own preferred contraceptive methods on all women without explanation and without even allowing a real public comment period, as required by law. When it comes to family planning, countless women depend on fertility awareness-based methods to help them raise families in a manner consistent with their unique needs. We were pleased to favorably settle this case on behalf of our client, Dr. Cami Jo Tice-Harouff, who is providing experienced care to women across the country. But the successful resolution of this case benefits all women who may wish to use fertility awareness-based methods and can now keep their preferred doctor and insurance coverage.”

  • Pronunciation guide: Harouff (Hair-OFF')

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