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ADF to 4th Circuit: Courts are not religious inquisitors

ADF Vice President for Appellate Advocacy John Bursch:  “America’s legal system is built on a foundation that highly respects the religious beliefs of individuals, and the First Amendment and Title VII uphold these ideals. The district court made an astonishing conclusion that Ms. Barnett’s religious beliefs in prayer and guidance by God were not specific enough to file a religious objection claim with her employer over the COVID-19 vaccine....” 

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ADF arguing on behalf of Catholic doctors in Florida lawsuit over redefinition of 'sex' in federal law

TAMPA, Fla. – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys will be arguing on behalf of Catholic doctors Friday at a hearing in federal district court in State of Florida v. Department of Health and Human Services. The state of Florida and the Catholic Medical Association are challenging the federal agency’s rule change that forces medical professionals and insurance providers to perform or pay for harmful “gender-transition” procedures or face severe financial consequences. ADF attorneys joined Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody in filing suit against the Biden administration’s unlawful rule the same day it was published. 

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LA governor signs bill to protect speech, conscience at public schools

ADF Senior Counsel Matt Sharp:  “No one should lose their job or face punishment at school for declining to say something they believe is false. Words and language carry meaning, and when used properly, they communicate truth about the world. Yet forcing individuals to say things that are false—such as inaccurate pronouns and titles—imposes real harm on the speaker....” 

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