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Following Roe’s overturn, ADF attorneys representing governor ask IA high court to revise recent decision

DES MOINES, Iowa – Following the recent landmark rulings from the Iowa Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court finding no constitutional right to an abortion, Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing Gov. Kim Reynolds filed a petition Friday asking the Iowa Supreme Court to rehear its case to declare that courts must give a greater level of deference to pro-life laws like Iowa’s 24-hour waiting period, which helps ensure a woman is fully informed and certain about abortion before having one. That deference, known as “rational-basis review,” means that a law is presumed constitutional unless a party can prove that the government has no rational interest whatsoever in enacting the law. 

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MO governor signs law protecting privacy of donors to charities, nonprofits

ADF Senior Counsel Zack Pruitt:  “Every American should be free to peacefully support causes they believe in without fear of harassment or intimidation. HB 2400 includes an important step in ensuring privacy protections for all Missourians, consistent with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Thomas More Law Center v. Bonta, which affirmed that the First Amendment’s promise of ‘free association’ includes the right to privacy in financial giving….” 

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Court: Idaho law students free to share their religious views on campus

MOSCOW, Idaho – A federal court ruled Thursday that three Christian law students are likely to prevail in their case against the University of Idaho and are therefore free to speak in a manner consistent with their religious beliefs while their lawsuit proceeds. 

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