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Christian colleges fight lawsuit designed to strip their students of financial aid

EUGENE, Ore. – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing three Christian post-secondary schools asked a federal district court Friday to allow them to intervene against a lawsuit that seeks to strip all students at private religious colleges of federal financial aid unless their schools renounce core religious beliefs. The suit, filed by a recently formed LGBT activist group on behalf of some current and former students, intends to prevent any students from using tuition grants, student loans, and any other federal financial assistance at schools that operate according to Christian beliefs on sexuality. 

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US Supreme Court issues fifth rejection of CA’s COVID-19 restrictions on religion

ADF Senior Counsel and Vice President of U.S. Litigation David Cortman:  “With this fifth rejection of California’s COVID-19 restrictions on religious exercise, the Supreme Court has made abundantly clear that the government has a duty to respect the First Amendment in this context and many others. As the court explained, the government can’t single out religious activities for harsher treatment than non-religious ones.... The Supreme Court came to the right and logical conclusion in condemning state restrictions that demonstrate this kind of unconstitutional hostility to religion.” 

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NY photographer challenges state law that threatens steep fines, jail time for artists

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing a photographer and blogger filed suit in federal court Tuesday against New York state and county officials. The lawsuit challenges state laws that force Emilee Carpenter to create photographs and blogs celebrating same-sex weddings if she does so for weddings between one man and one woman. Penalties for violating the law include fines of up to $100,000, a revoked business license, and up to a year in jail.  

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