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ADF urges Biden admin not to reinstitute discrimination against religious students

ADF Senior Counsel Julie Marie Blake:  “Public universities must allow all students to speak freely, and they must allow student organizations to select their own leaders. As we explain in our comment submitted to the Department of Education, the administration’s plan to rescind critical safeguards that help ensure these rights would endanger the constitutionally protected freedoms of students of all faiths to exercise their religion....” 

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US House passes legislation declaring parental rights fundamental

ADF Senior Counsel Matt Sharp:  “Parents have a fundamental, constitutionally protected right to direct the upbringing of their children. This was rightfully acknowledged in Rep. Virginia Foxx’s amendment to the underlying bill. With the adoption of the Foxx amendment, the House affirmed that parental rights are entitled to protection from government interference just like every other fundamental right....” 

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Female athletes urge 2nd Circuit to protect women's sports in rehearing of CT case

NEW YORK – On behalf of four female athletes, Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed their opening brief with the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit Thursday urging it to give female athletes the opportunity to make their case under Title IX. 

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Faith & JusticeFaith & Justice Magazine: Offered four times a year, Faith & Justice tells uplifting stories of victory and changed lives in which Alliance Defending Freedom and its allies have been privileged to take part.

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