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Second appeals court affirms halt on Biden admin's illegal Title IX rewrite

ADF Senior Counsel Natalie Thompson:  “The Biden administration’s radical redefinition of sex turns back the clock on equal opportunity for women, undermines fairness, and threatens student safety and privacy. The 5th Circuit now joins the 6th Circuit in holding back the Biden administration’s illegal efforts to rewrite Title IX while this critical lawsuit continues....” 

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WA homeless ministry asks 9th Circuit to uphold right to hire likeminded believers

SAN FRANCISCO – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing a Washington state homeless ministry will be available for media interviews Friday following oral arguments at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. Yakima Union Gospel Mission is asking the court to allow its lawsuit to proceed to protect its freedom to hire like-minded individuals who share and live out its religious beliefs and mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through its homeless shelter, addiction-recovery programs, outreach efforts, meal services, and health clinics. 

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ADF to 1st Circuit: Protect parents' right to direct upbringing of children

ADF Senior Counsel Kate Anderson:  “Parents have a fundamental right and responsibility to direct their children’s upbringing, education, and healthcare. Great Salt Bay Community School Board administrators violated that right when they withheld vital information from a mother about her child. When schools keep important information secret, parents like Ms. Lavigne can’t decide what’s best for their child, including how best to address any mental health needs....” 

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