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US Supreme Court to hear arguments Monday in pivotal free speech case

WASHINGTON – Denver-area graphic artist and website designer Lorie Smith and Alliance Defending Freedom CEO, President, and General Counsel Kristen Waggoner, who will argue before the U.S. Supreme Court on Smith’s behalf in 303 Creative v. Elenis on Monday, will speak at a press conference outside the court immediately following oral arguments. 

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After 20 years of religious discrimination, families win settlement against Vermont officials

BURLINGTON, Vt. – After more than two decades of discriminating against families who choose to send their children to religious schools, Vermont officials have agreed to apply the state’s tuition benefit program fairly. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys have favorably settled two lawsuits on behalf of several families and the Diocese of Burlington who sued state officials for discriminating against students and denying them a widely available tuition benefit because they attended religious schools. The U.S. District Court for the District of Vermont entered a stipulated judgment enforcing the settlement agreement and the parties moved to settle the cases Wednesday. 

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US Senate passes legislation disrespecting marriage, endangering religious freedom

ADF Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives Ryan Bangert:  “This dangerously cynical and completely unnecessary bill is a direct attack on the First Amendment. It does nothing to change the legal status of same-sex marriage anywhere. But it undermines religious freedom everywhere and exposes Americans throughout the country to predatory lawsuits by activists seeking to use the threat of litigation to silence debate and exclude people of faith from the public square….” 

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Kristen Waggoner: I will tell Supreme Court speech must be kept free, that you don’t lose your rights when you start work (Fox News, 2022-12-02)

Erin Hawley: For artists like Colorado’s Lorie Smith, the First Amendment protects the right not to speak (The Federalist, 2022-12-02)

Kristen Waggoner: A friend’s response to David French on the Respect for Marriage Act (WORLD, 2022-12-01)

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Faith & JusticeFaith & Justice Magazine: Offered four times a year, Faith & Justice tells uplifting stories of victory and changed lives in which Alliance Defending Freedom and its allies have been privileged to take part.

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