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VT Christian school challenges discriminatory state funding program and expulsion from state athletics

BURLINGTON, Vt. – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing Mid Vermont Christian School and two families will be available for media interviews Friday following oral arguments in federal district court in their lawsuit against Vermont officials for denying the Christian school and its students from participating in the state’s tuition program and sports league because of their religious beliefs. ADF attorneys filed a federal lawsuit in November. 

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AZ Legislature passes bill to protect children's privacy, safety

ADF Senior Counsel Matt Sharp:  “Schools have a duty to protect the privacy, safety, and dignity of all students. Yet certain advocacy organizations are ignoring this duty and pressuring schools to tear down the long-standing tradition of having distinct facilities for boys and girls at school....” 

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Arizona again affirms state's pro-life law

ADF Senior Counsel Jake Warner:  “Life is a human right, and the Arizona Legislature has again reaffirmed that fundamental right. Life begins at conception. At just six weeks, unborn babies’ hearts begin to beat. At eight weeks, they have fingers and toes. And at 10 weeks, their unique fingerprints begin to form....” 

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Faith & JusticeFaith & Justice Magazine: Offered four times a year, Faith & Justice tells uplifting stories of victory and changed lives in which Alliance Defending Freedom and its allies have been privileged to take part.

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